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I Love My Country


All the people say "I love my homeland . I love my country."I am thinking about the thing of my homeland now.Where is my country?I was born in Japan.Is my country Japan because it is it?I live in America now.Therefore, is my country America?Mankind who was our ancestor for about 500000 years ago was born in Africa.Her name is Lucy.Therefore, is my country in African?How about the European countries? How about Russia? How about China and Korea,India,the countries of Asia, South America and Australia? How about the Middle East?I think that all is my country.Because, it is because my homeland is the earth and my homeland is the universe where life was produced.War will be stopped if all the people think that there homeland is the earth.But, war will be never finished if many people think "My country, America are strong." or "Israel is my country." or "An Arabian country is my homeland."


60 years ago.The Japanese army thought "Japan which is God's country is the strongest in the world."Then, China and Korea, the Asian people were made a slave, and the Japanese people were brainwashed, and the people who complained about peace were killed, and it plunged then into the hopeless Pacific war.The result is as anyone knows it.The other day, the World Trade Center of New York and the Pentagon of Washington were attacked, many people became sacrifices and it was very sad about happened.I witnessed it in New York.In America.Moreover, because it was to happen in New York and Washington, it was reported in the world, and the people who knew it in the television and the newspaper suffered a big shock.But, even if it isn't reported in the world, many people are dead just now in Africa and the Middle East, South America, and so on, they hunger and thirst, they are fighting, and so on just like now when I am writing this.I am very afraid for America where "I Love My Country" is a password now.


There is a word of "If anyone strekes you on the right cheek, turne the ather also"I think that the meaning of the left cheek is love.I hope, Someday this world may be full of love and the brothers and sisters of the homeland of this world may not fight and they may never kill each other.

I am praying for peace of the world.


Aki Sato. September 20, 2001

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