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What kind of world could there be on the other side of the mountain ?
The view of the other side can only be seen by climbing to the top.
We climb to the top-even though we can see the tow n at the foot of the mountain, if we don't go there, we won't know what kind of people are living there, from up on the mountain, it looks like people are fighting far below.
When we go there, we find it's a battlefield. although it's a battlefield, if we don't knock on the door of the heart of the fighters, we won't what they are feeling.
In that way, we can come to know what we don't know before, and then there will be more we don't know, and it will continue.
What could be on the other side of the door ?
Is there a town, is there windblown sand dune stretching beyond the horizon, is there a battlefield ? and is anyone there ?
Could someone be standing on the other side of the door, just like we are ; wanting to open the door, just like we are?
The moment we open the door and step forward, perhaps we'll be able to meet that someone.

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